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C4LDR0N Character Info by Se05239
C4LDR0N Character Info
Another Chimera for the Deadlock project.


Name: C-4LDR0N, or simply Caldron.

Race: Chimera

Length: 2.4 meters (~7.9 feet)

C-4LDR0N is a shorter than average Chimera with a pale light brown fur with large darker black spots. He got a yellow color on his talons which got black claws. He sports a gray tail with a black zigzag pattern running along the ridge. The color of his blood is green and the wingtip got a corner shaped point and a small sphere.


C-4LDR0N is accompanied with six companion orbs, just like every other Chimera. Two of them make up for a waist-cloth, two create a large cape and the last two make up for a single loincloth. The loincloth orbs after sometimes turned into a large cape that covers the front of C-4LDR0N but he only does this on special occasions.



C-4LDR0N got a thing for magic. Always did inspire him to learn more.

It’s fundamental for all Chimera to inspire to learn things to tell their Keeper. Meeting new people, visiting new places, learn new things.. everything.

Although fairly young by Chimera standards, he got his eyes set on what he wants to do. Magic!


Chimera aren’t the only race in the universe capable of producing magic and as thus, there are plenty of magic to learn. Everything from simple tricks or minor utility spells to weather impacting powers. Spells that cause grief or can destroy are not of interest to C-4LDR0N, thanks to the life-loving nature of Chimera, but everything else are considered worth learning.


Thanks to his desire to learn as much magic as he possibly can, C-4LDR0N does travel a lot and he usually stays home within the Community for shorter periods of time to fight off the side effects from not sleeping connected to Haven.


C-4LDR0N got a quite smug personality compared to many other Chimera. As an intelligent individual, he got some slight superiority complex when it comes to other people. He is not exactly bad towards them but he can be quick and witty, thinking out answers to questions in progress or finishing their sentences without fault. He takes pride in this.


He does show respect to people capable of magic and is very eager to learn whatever it is that they can. He takes great effort into learning every little detail he can about every magic spell he comes into contact with. On top of that, he consider himself quite the magician when it comes to magic in general and likes to believe himself better than others in the area.


Something that C-4LDR0N really enjoys doing is showing off whatever magic he can to wow the crowds. Flashy fiery displays or lightning shows, anything that can drop jaws unto the floor and further boost his ego. He always changes his outfit a bit whenever he “performs” these shows by switching the loincloth to a cape to cover most of his body.



--- Positive ---

Magical Expertise - C-4LDR0N has no problem learning new magical spells and have an increase potency for magic. This also comes with an increased resistance towards magic, both benign and malignant.

Quick Learner - Thanks to his brilliant intellect, C-4LDR0N has no problems learning anything.  

--- Negative ---

Superiority Complex - C-4LDR0N got some issues with looking down upon his fellow people. He consider himself THE best in every area there is and only really show some respect to those who can learn him anything new.. up to the point where he knows as much as them. If someone ends up better than him, he becomes jealous.


- The fur pattern does not have any particular inspiration but the tail colors are made to look like a male Common European Viper.

- C-4LDR0N is VERY jealous of C-4PR10N as view him as a rival in magical prowess. Although C-4PR10N does not have the amount of spells as C-4LDR0N, he is far more proficient with anything he cast and the spells tend to be of higher potency.

- C-4LDR0N is one of the few Chimera who actively change their outfit. In his case, he can switch to his “performing” outfit by increasing the size of his loincloth to cover most of his body.

- Very few Chimera move outside the pool of simple spells they can cast from their creation, so C-4LDR0N is both an exception and a proof that Chimera can learn more than they comfortably stick with.


C1NDLY Character Info by Se05239
C1NDLY Character Info
Another Chimera to fill my gallery with.


Name: C-1NDLY, simply Cindly to outsiders.

Race: Chimera

Length: Roughly 2.6 meters (8.5 feet)

C-1NDLY takes the look of a taller than average Chimera with a dull yellow naturally messy fur with a slightly brighter stomach. The talons are of an awful dark grayish yellow and dark claws and the tail is pale brown. The tail got natural plates for added protection. The shape of the wings is simple with the standard arched shape and a large sphere at the tip. The glow is teal.


Like any other Chimera out there, C-1NDLY got six companion orbs. Two of them make up a loincloth, two others combine to make a waistcloth, one creates coverage for his left leg and the last one covers about half of the tail.



Meeting new people are a high-end thing for every Chimera and being part of it is something some Chimeras value more than others. C-1NDLY belongs to the group who saw visitors as THE greatest thing in the world. Meeting someone new was something worth celebrating.


Considering this, Chimera like C-1NDLY are often the first to greet travelers, ambassadors or refuges and make sure they receive a warm welcome. That includes shaking hands, friendly hugs, tours of the place and the like. Some Chimera tends to be a bit more physical than others and this is exactly what C-1NDLY was like. Some would consider him uncomfortably close but in reality all he intended to do was make sure the guests got the best welcome!


Although, things got slightly out of hand that one time C-1NDLY managed to tail slam a visitor after greeting him. A fast turn-around ended in the visitor sitting on the floor. The visitor himself shrugged it off and accepted apologizes coming from the Chimera but C-1NDLY himself took it really bad and become brutally self-aware of his size and strength compared to others.


It all ended up with him being a nervous wreck. He still absolutely adore visitors but his meet and greet has been more.. awkward, to say the least.


C-1NDLY is a really outgoing Chimera with a kind temperament and patience. Or rather, he was. After the incident with an outsider getting floored on accident, C-1NDLY turned more reclusive towards others.

He is still a social Chimera who loves having people around him but has turned very self-aware about himself in the presence to others.


When new people come around, C-1NDLY often end up as one of the first to meet but he is not as enthusiastic as before. He avoids eye contact, tend to mumble words, awkwardly chew on his fingers in insecurity and taking up as little space as humanely possible. He behaves more open towards Chimera but visitors will receive a rather underwhelming “best welcome ever”.


C-1NDLY also has troubles dealing with conflicts, especially after the accident. Whenever one comes up, no matter how little, C-1NDLY often retreats to a dark corner to cry it all out, convinced that it is his entire fault and that he messed up once again.



--- Positive ---

People Person - As awkward as it might be for everyone on the receiving end, C-1NDLY is a person who easily read, understand people and can without any issues remember a great number of small and big details.

--- Negative ---

Insecure - After the accident, C-1NDLY do not believe he is capable of much. He avoids taking initiative, coming up with suggestions and would rather catch a plague than lead a group.

Depressing - Sadly, thanks to the negative vibes coming off C-1NDLY, the Chimera do not inspire much confidence and often might end up crashing the party.

- Both the fur and tail’s pattern are not inspired from anything in particular outside the idea that they should look dull.

- C-1NDLY’s crying position often ends up in him curling up suspended mid-air, thanks to the power of Chimera flight.

- The tail is not inspired from a snake, or any particular reptile for that matter.


Wanted to make a journal, didn't know any good topics, decided to just post a few good songs. Good as in I do not skip them on my mp3 player if random picks them for me. 

GloryHammer - The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee

Timeless Miracle - Return of the Werewolf

Lordi - Devil is a Loser

Blind Guardian - Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)

Sparzanza - Red Dead Revolver

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare to be Stupid (sort of a combo breaker, this one is)

Ganondorf - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

There are of course other but I didn't want this journal to be too much, so yeah. 


Simon Hansson

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