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Kleci: References by Se05239
Kleci: References
Pretty colors and less info than the information text found here:…

It feels like I pretty nailed this race now, which I plan to use for :icondelirious-deadlock: project, so now I can start on perhaps conjuring characters. Not gonna be too many of them though, 3-4 modified Kleci in total (with a varying number of Drudges) and that is it.
KLECI (Silent K)
--- Description ---
Normally when you see a Kleci, you see the modified kind but they are actually hatched from eggs akin to that of a lizard.
Your average non-modified Kleci got long lean bodies, covered with scales, with a soft stomach and at the base of the spine there is a short tail. They got three fingers with claws on each hand and 2 toes on each foot. Scale color is shades of green. There is no visible distinction between male and female Kleci, therefore a Kleci is commonly referred to as “it” until the Kleci itself tells which gender is right.
Their clothing of preference is smooth silky cloth that is generally white or red.

Then there is the more acknowledged Kleci, the ones that are called modified Kleci but they most often go with the more popular nickname “Collectors.”
Their bodies have been replaced with metallic plates, complex implants and flexible durable tubes and they are powered by an exposed power core installed in their stomach area. The plates of their body can be of a variety of colors with different patterns but the tubes always remain dark gray. The glow of the core is a bright yellow and their eyes shine of the same yellow. A small portion of their chest remains unmodified, this is due to mannerism.
The legs and arms of a modified Kleci are like tentacles, thanks to being completely made out of tubes. They possess great physical strength. The tubes can be extended an extra meter or so if desired.

Because of the heavily modified bodies, if a Kleci would desire a body different than their default alterations offers, they can reconstruct their body to suit their wish.

--- Height/Weight ---
~1.8m (5'9) by average but a modified Kleci can be taller or shorter if it so desire. Modified Kleci are quite heavy thanks to their metallic bodies.

--- Diet ---
Herbivores. Thanks to powerful beaks akin to that of a snapper turtle, the Kleci can feed on the tough fruits that grow on their home planet, called Klecin. The modified Kleci do not eat since the power generated by their core is enough to sustain them.

--- Lifespan ---
Healthy diets, slow metabolism and strong bodies. The Kleci can live naturally beyond that of any human, often up to close of two centuries. When a Kleci is modified, their aging slows down to a stop but eventually their brain deteriorates too much and they stop functioning. The traditional burying method is cremation, which the ashes then are scattered into an area of the deceased preference.

--- Background ---
Widely known for their obsessive hoarding tendencies, they are the engineers behind the portal transportation system that allows for interstellar travel between planets via hubs.
They are also the creators of advanced technologically marvels that mostly involve bodily adjustment, which has helped many crippled or physically impaired beings become capable living creatures again.

The Kleci are a peaceful race that believe that everyone should be linked together in one way or another, as it helps building up positive relationships. They also serve as a neutral middle ground in disputes thanks to their unbiased nature of not picking sides.

When they are not helping the universe becoming one big gathering place, they seek various things to hoard. What specific thing they seek varies from Kleci individual but whatever it is, they try to go great lengths acquiring it. To help them acquire said items of interest, the Kleci have servants called Drudges.

--- Personality ---
Slow paced, calm and patient are basically the best words to describe a Kleci, modified or not.
They are known to be selfish, as they attempt to pursue items for their hoards, but kind and well mannered.

The Kleci are slow speakers. Generally dragging out words. Some Kleci has learned to bypass this by letting their Drudge(s) speak for them.

Because the modified Kleci has issues conveying emotions, both visually and audibly (thanks to speaker-box instead of actual voice), they have a routine of saying the emotion they currently want to show before a sentence. It helps in discussions with other beings.

Because of their heightened social status in the universe, thanks to them connecting everyone and having such technological power, the Kleci got a bit of supremacy complex and expect others to meet them in their own way. Having an exposed chest is a sign of respect and it is often the simplest way to greet a Kleci. Otherwise, having a great piece of patience and letting the Kleci, and its Drudges, move around freely works too.

--- Naming ---
Kleci names always start with a prefix that either V’, if the Kleci is pure in every way, or T’ if its altered. The actual name itself is  8 or more letters long.
Example of a modified Kleci’s name would be T’Laatrious.

--- Senses ---
All these values are based upon if you would compare to a normal human.
Touch –  Excellent. Even the modified Kleci are equipped with extraordinaire sensitive touch sensors.
Taste – Average. The modified Kleci cannot eat.
Sight – Average/Excellent. Small beady eyes that are unable to blink allow for pretty average vision but bright sources of light can be a pain. The modified Kleci have extremely good vision with information feed and all.
Hearing – Poor/Average. The Kleci got surprisingly bad hearing but an upgrade fixes that.
Smell –  Poor. The nose of a Kleci is mainly used for breathing but when a Kleci is modified it becomes obsolete.  

--- Social Structure ---
The leading caste of the Kleci remains on their home planet of Klecin. Being original and pure is a status symbol but whenever a freshly hatched Kleci will be modified or not, is something that is decided at its birth. When the Kleci has reached a certain age, and has been schooled properly, they undergo the modifying process. It is a one-way trip.

Freshly modified Kleci always leave their home planet to go searching for whatever strikes their fancy at the time. The obsessive hoarding tendency that people think define a modified Kleci appear after their modification process, meaning that the pure Kleci do not have it. The populace on Klecin is close to 95% pure, so modified Kleci rarely ever return or stay long at home before embarking.

Since the modified Kleci got no say at home, they have developed their own social structure.
While it offers them no real power or influence over other modified Kleci, any respectable Kleci should have at least one Drudge in their service. The number of Drudges does not really matter but the Drudge(s) should be well maintained and kept. It is universally considered really bad if an individual was forced into becoming a Drudge, so it is considered a taboo in Kleci society.

Since each modified Kleci is a compulsive hoarder of something very specific, the amount of whatever they collect can be used for bragging but it is generally only good against another Kleci who collect similar things. But like before, it offers no real power or influence.
Whenever two modified Kleci comes into a discussion over something, since both are considered equal in terms of status, they will continuously argue until the other party gives in or both come to an arrangement. If neither party can come to a conclusion, both surrenders and go different ways.

When two modified Kleci met, both usually put their Drudges on high will mode, so that they can greet each-other as well. If one of the two Kleci do not do this, then it is considered bad manners but won't influence any of the two's sphere of power over the other.

--- Drudges ---
A Drudge is a servant of the modified Kleci. Pure Kleci do not take Drudges.
Any race or creature can be turned into a Drudge but generally the modified Kleci prefer intelligent beings, since they can choose whenever they want to become Drudges or not.

The Drudge-ifying process leaves the individual greatly changed, akin to that of their master but not nearly as extensive. Arms and legs are replaced completely, tails and wings are removed, color pigments take a hit and overall coloring becomes pale and bleached, the Drudge’s eyes become empty and dull. The only thing left untouched, at least on the outside, is the torso and head. The chest is left exposed as a sign of respect, which all Drudges then display by default to everyone they encounter.
Like their master, each Drudge is equipped with a power core but it is not as big and powerful. Their core is internal unlike their master’s but since it is not as powerful, the Drudges may need to recharge if they work continuously for too long. Recharging is fastest done in a stasis chamber but going into a comatose state gives the same result.

A Drudge could be seen as a mindless slave in the eyes of someone unknowledgeable but in reality they are more in line with a loved family pet or companion. The modified Kleci acting as the master goes to great lengths to keep their Drudge(s) well-kept and maintained.  Scolding or abusing a Drudge is an act of disgrace.

Each Drudge got a low will and a high will mode. Low will mode is basically your average slave mode. The Drudge become unable of doing anything without their master’s command and obeys without question. They are often depicted as mindless and emotionless in this mode.
High will mode is the opposite. The Drudge is capable of speaking freely, state opinions and think for themselves to some extent but in the end they cannot disobey commands from their master. Whatever mode used varies from Kleci to Kleci but most use low will mode.

The most common creature used as Drudges is a race of anthropomorphic felines called Tigren. Since their uplift into the universe by the Kleci, they have regarding them with overwhelming gratitude. Of course, this gratitude alone isn’t enough for Tigren to cast away their previous lives to become Drudges if someone asks kindly.
Known for their unwavering loyalty to those they consider friends and family, a Tigren would not hesitate becoming a Drudge if he or she saw a modified Kleci as a friend. Some Tigren have been known to become a Drudge if his or her family is compensated for it, akin to that of paid work.
It is believed that 7 out of 10 Drudges are Tigren. Some modified Kleci takes pride in being able to have a Drudge that isn’t a Tigren. Not because they got anything against Tigren but because it is a way for them to not be mainstream.

If a Drudge’s master should expire, they will get a choice. They could either serve another modified Kleci or return back home. They would have their will unlocked to become free but they cannot return to their former bodies as becoming a Drudge is a one-way trip. A free Drudge is called Released.

--- Vault ---
The personal pocket dimension used to store whatever items the modified Kleci seek. Each modified Kleci got their very own device to travel into their own vault. As a dimension without any physical limit, it offer unlimited storage space.

Each vault come equipped with a Drudge-ifying station, a personal repair station for the owner and stasis chambers for Drudges which can also be duplicated to suit the need of an owner of many Drudges. The stasis chambers also come equipped with plenty of other tools used for Drudge maintenance amongst others.

If the Kleci who owns the Vault dies, then the Vault is locked until a new modified Kleci arrives to take over the hoarding interest. Any Drudges in the previous owner’s possession often continue their services with the new owner unless they have been Released or been adopted by another modified Kleci.

--- Various Kleci Items and implants ---
Essential items that no modified Kleci leaves home without.
Vault Door – A device that can rip open a doorway to the modified Kleci’s personal pocket dimension. The door closes when the device passes through. This item is carried by the Vault’s owner.
Hub Key - Thanks to their overwhelming prowess when it comes to portal technology, each modified Kleci carries a device similar to a Vault Door, except it lets them fast-travel to a portal hub.
Drudge Carrier – Each Drudge in active service got a bag to carry various items in. Standard multi-purposes tools are there by default but more can be added if it fits their master’s need. In some cases, the owner of the Drudges can carry a carrier on their back as well.
Laser Gun – Although peaceful, the Kleci aren’t stupid. Although the modified Kleci do not carry firearms on their person, each Drudge in service got one in their bag. The brute power that their modified bodies can dish out is enough to scare off melee attackers but sustained ranged attacks can pose a problem in the long run.
Commander’s Implant – An implant in the head of a modified Kleci that lets it relay directives to its Drudges without the need for speaking. This implant also conveys information about the Drudge(s)’s wellbeing and other Drudge-related information and settings.
Information Feed Implant – Via the eyes, the modified Kleci has access to an on-the-go information feed that keeps pumping it information about whatever it is looking at. It gives access to quite a lot of detailed bits of material.
Collector’s Insignia – Modified Kleci likes to showcase their favorite hoarding item in some way or another. Smaller items can be fit as a necklace, for example. This piece of personal decoration is called an Insignia.

--- Trivia ---
- A drudge is someone who does hard or dull work.
- The pure Kleci are not found outside Klecin nor are many outstanding parties dealing with them.
- Drudges could be considered the second collectible interest for modified Kleci. Their master put a considerable amount of time into making its Drudge(s) look their finest.
Kleci: Information
The Kleci, nicknamed Collectors, is another race I am working on for the Delirious Deadlock project.
Might add more information as time goes on but for now I am pretty content.
Concept: Collector Praising Drudge by Se05239
Concept: Collector Praising Drudge
Decided to not color this one since I didn't like the line-art too much, nor the design of the collector's body. Thought that collectors, since their body is mechanical, can pick or change it if they so desire. Like, if they saw something inspiring, they could change their body into something closer to that and still function without hindrance. Dunno if I will go with that or not, cool idea though.

Idea is that the Drudges, the servants, are not treated as slaves or something worse. They are more in line with favored pets or companions. Sure, they in most cases lack the opinion or choice but since the vast majority gave themselves into servitude by free will, any abuse or mistreatment of Drudges are considered disgraceful act and are frowned upon.
Hello! I thought I should drop by and make a thread about receiving feedback for a drawing I made today.
Since no-one ever come by my page, comment or favorite or whatever my stuff, it feels like the amount of time it took to draw and color goes by wasted and it sucks.
Really discouraging, to be honest.

Anyway, here is the piece of art. Feel free to comment here in thread or there. Any kind of feedback is welcome.
 Concept: Collector plus 2 Drudges by Se05239
Concept: Collector plus 2 Drudges by Se05239
Concept: Collector plus 2 Drudges
Started off as three separate doodles which was later united into one doodle and then taken a step up and became a digital piece of art that looks surprisingly good. 

I was working on a new race to use for the Delirious Deadlock project which basically involved a collector type entity that had servants or slaves. While all is pretty placeholder, I can admit I recycled a race from my younger dA years, the two smaller characters, that worked pretty well. 
Wanted to make a journal, didn't know any good topics, decided to just post a few good songs. Good as in I do not skip them on my mp3 player if random picks them for me. 

GloryHammer - The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee

Timeless Miracle - Return of the Werewolf

Lordi - Devil is a Loser

Blind Guardian - Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)

Sparzanza - Red Dead Revolver

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare to be Stupid (sort of a combo breaker, this one is)

Ganondorf - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

There are of course other but I didn't want this journal to be too much, so yeah. 


Simon Hansson

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