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I do not favor the "Fav n' run" idea, I do only favorite work which I believe deserve it. But, I do always favorite work containing my characters.


--- Description ---
An artificial race of creatures created primary for the preservation of their creators, called Keepers. Their appearance remind of something of a patchwork between various species of animals, combined with heavy magical properties and some technological augmentation added into the mix.

Their body is of male physic and is covered with a layer of fur. Their face reminds of a feline. Around the neck each Chimera got a denser and larger growth of fur, akin that of a Lion’s mane. From the knees down each Chimera got leggings from a large bird, complete with long talons. The tail is like that of a massive snake and just as equally prehensile and muscular. Two short tentacles extend from every Chimera’s head, these acts as ears and therefore allow the Chimera to hear and listen. A pair of wings, which nature is entirely magical, hovers behind the Chimera. Chimeras possess a long forked tongue, just like that of a snake, which also work the very same way by allowing the Chimera to “taste” the air. The eyes, insides of their mouths, noses and the tentacles on their heads all glow faintly thanks to a glowing blood that can have different colors depending on individuals. At the base of the back of their heads there is an entry plug for a cable.

An interesting characteristic of the Chimera species is that they are technically clones. Each Chimera is based from the same blueprint and created via the same process but the Keepers thought it fit to have each Chimera unique in appearance. Each Chimera therefore has some variables of the blueprint modified, creating a unique Chimera each time. The changed properties are connected to fur and leg color, hue of glow on blood, scale pattern on tail as well as its length and thickness, wing form, talon coloring, width and height. Another thing to take into consideration, since they are genetically the same in the foundation, is that there are no female Chimeras. It’s a male-only species.

Despite being an all-male species, complete with full packages, Chimeras lack sex drive. This, coupled with their natural infertility (plus no female Chimeras to begin with), makes the act of procreation impossible. It is generally viewed as a pointless waste of time and therefore is not something that distracts Chimeras in their daily lives.

In terms of clothing, Chimeras dress very simple. Orbiting the Chimera at fixed locations (which can be set individually after one’s own preference) are 6 orbs that can weave a synthetic dull gray/blue fabric. The fabric have no patterns other than a reinforced part connected orbs together. Designs are often very simple, being just a rectangular piece of fabric resting on top of the Chimera’s body. Most commonly two orbs create a loincloth while four orbs create a cape.

--- Height/Weight ---
~2.5 meters (~8’2’’). Size varies slightly depending on individual. Chimeras are quite heavy creatures but when a Chimera is “flying”, it is essentially weightless.

--- Diet ---
Omnivore. Chimeras suffer from rather weak jaw muscles and are prone to cramps if forced to chew things. They tend to stick with “Mush”, which is the basic food that every Chimera eats when they are around home. A Chimera’s body is extremely efficient at breaking down food and drink which leave the Chimera without the need of visiting a toilet.

--- Lifespan ---
Their unnatural creation has given Chimeras the benefit of not aging. Disease has no hold over them either. All Chimera are immune to radiation pollution and exposure. If a Chimera should expire, it would go out in a violent magic fueled inferno that leaves no trace of the individual.

--- Background ---
Once there was a race of high technological advancement who sought to preserve life in a virtual world they called Haven. As a stroke of genius, this race collectively decided to download themselves into Haven, thus ascending the physical realm of being. These Keepers of Haven could from their very creation, watch over the virtual realm over anything and everything they had found and preserved.
Unfortunately for the Keepers, leaving the physical realm might have been a rash decision as the computers and machines that contained Haven were left unattended, therefore risking the Keepers very own existence and everything they had collected in jeopardy.

They came to an agreement to create a race of being that could serve them in the physical realm. However, the Keepers frowned upon artificial life and therefore denied entry to the world of Haven for the newly created Chimera. The Chimera could, as a sign of gratitude from the Keepers for keeping Haven functional and bringing new life into the vast virtual world, enter Haven temporary during their sleep. During this time the Chimera could interact with the Keeper they took care of, telling it of their daily experiences and exploits.

Chimeras don’t think being denied permanent access to Haven as a bad thing. They think that they are privileged to even enter Haven at all and are very proud of being allowed to work on the Keeper they serve. The gratefulness they receive from allowing new life to enter Haven and the exciting interactions of communicating and interacting with strangers are enough for them to feel satisfied with their existence. They are, after all, unique in the world.

--- Personality ---
Despite being large and sometimes of intimidating posture, Chimeras are very gentle and hospitable creatures. They love to meet new faces and always welcome familiar ones with open arms. If someone ever did them wrong, Chimera tend to give second chances with the hope that people get better.

Chimeras are eager to learn new things and also happen to be fast learners.  This comes from them being good listeners with understanding nature. If they don’t understand, they will ask. Some Chimeras can be very keen to ask too many questions but it is most of the case when a Chimera is very curious, which most of them are.

If the local Keeper get attacked, or if someone attempts to steal or sabotage their tech, Chimeras will retaliate with force in order to drive the evil-doers out. Chimeras despise violence and causing death and grief, so after confrontations that expose the Chimera to this will result in them entering a state of severe depression. They will avoid social interaction and brood in solitude until they digest the negative experience and crawl out of their shell once again.

--- Naming ---
Chimeras do not have real names but rather definitions. Starting with a “C”, which basically stand for Chimera, followed by a “-“ and some numbers and letters mixed together. “C-R34N5E” for example.
Of course, this would not be a very good name so they turn their definitions into something more name-like. “C-R34N5E” would be calling himself “Creanse”, most likely.

--- Abilities ---
When looking at a Chimera’s body you can easily tell that the long talons on their feet, which in turn are connected to a pair of muscular long legs, are capable of doing damage. The thick and lengthy, fully prehensile tail can crush anyone caught within its coils. The upper part of a Chimera’s body does not look quite as menacingly but the upper part has another type of power that doesn’t rely on raw physical strength.

From their hands, any Chimera can channel some minor magic spells.
Fire – By causing friction in their hands, Chimera can conjure fire. This is most often done by clapping their hands together. The clap can conjure a miniature explosion if enough force and magic energy is applied.
Cold – With enough effort using both arms to channel the energy, Chimeras can conjure a chilling subzero wind that will end up causing frostbites and hypothermia if a victim is exposed enough.
Shock – Enough electric discharge can be channeled through one hand to leave someone in a state of temporary paralysis or unconsciousness.
Heal – Chimeras can channel enough healing energy to stop bleeding, close smaller wounds and encourage regenerative properties of flesh and bone. Various poison and venom can be cured if they aren't potent enough. Severe ones can only be slowed down.
Barrier – All Chimeras are capable of conjuring a shield of golden light to protect them from harm. It drains a lot of magical energy if put under stress (like being attacked). The barrier is 1 way, meaning that the shield only blocks thing from the front, not from the back, which would allow another Chimera to attack through the shield while standing safe.

The greatest amount of magical power stored in a Chimera’s body is stored within their wings which are entirely magic in nature. With the appearance of floating, glowing signs, the wings are not physical in origin and objects can pass through. When magic energy is channeled through them, Chimeras get a very limited flight. It reminds more of zero gravity movement with jetpack than bird’s flight. Chimera’s flight is not hindered by weight but a Chimera cannot fly with anything it cannot carry. The magical wings can support the Chimera in whatever position it choose to fly in, even weird positions like upside-down and on their backs. The wings are colored the same as the blood of the Chimera, suggesting traces of magical energy in the blood.

Chimeras are truly a unique race of creatures as they are a blend of technology and magic. Both examples become more prominent when two Chimera decide to link up in Unison. All Chimeras got an entry plug socket at the back of their head that are mainly used to hook up to Haven when they are sleeping but this socket can be used to link two Chimeras together.
In Unison, the Chimeras share everything. They think together and act together. Two minds become one, two bodies act like one. They become capable of things a single Chimera wouldn’t be capable of.
First noticeable thing that happen in Unison is the improved coordination, thought process, problem solving. The second thing that happens when they enter Unison is the enhanced magic abilities. A Unison pair could turn a weak wind of cold into something more powerful. A weak wind of cold turned into something more menacing, a new wind that chill with a higher intensity and have a longer effective range. A two hand clap spell can be performed with a one hand punch, making it easier to perform and more effective to use.

Of course, the cable connecting the pair is the link to their newfound power and if it is unplugged without the two Chimeras being prepared for it only end up rendering both temporary confused and with a headache. With a simple unplugging, all the benefits are lost in an instant.

--- Senses ---
All these values are based upon if you would compare to an normal human.
Touch –  Average. The tail got the best sense of touch on a Chimera’s body.
Taste – Poor. Difficulty with eating anything spicy, bitter or sweet, coupled with poor jaw muscles. The forked tongue that allows the Chimera to taste the air is not taken into consideration with this rating.
Sight –Average/Poor. Their eyesight is rated “Average” during the day but “Poor” during dark. This is due to the eyes glowing which give Chimeras troubles adjusting their eyes to darkness. Thankfully, the orbs they have can be switched over into a “flashlight” mode.
Hearing – Excellent. The sensory organs that act as ears are very sensitive and aren’t at risk of getting damaged from high sounds.
Smell –  Excellent. Their nose is many times more sensitive than that of a normal human.

--- Keeper Mainframes---
The race which created the Chimera ascended from the physical realm by downloading themselves into their virtual world of Haven. Now each Keeper is an AI stored within massive computer mainframes. There are more Keepers than computers so new mainframes are built to home a Keeper and their instance of Haven.

Each mainframe is fully sustainable on its own, generating enough power to work and supply basic support systems like food/cable dispensers, deconstruction tables and sleeping pods for the Chimera workers. It is then up for the Chimeras to use the now working deconstruction tables to construct “kits”, which are pre-made things that when activated will grow into the item or tool packed inside. More complex “kits” that can expand into buildings or reactors to power additional complexes take far longer time to construct and activate. Each kit display a hologram of what it can create and the size of it, like a massive visible blueprint that allows for easy planning.

The Keeper Mainframe and other Chimera computers that exist require a cable for interaction. This basically makes it impossible for anyone who isn’t a Chimera to access the computers.

Each building in a community of Chimera got a defense system called “Eviction”. A plugged in Chimera can create temporal deconstruction fields that disintegrate anyone who enters them. The process is rough and very fast. The deconstructed victim is then randomly constructed far away from the Chimera community, often at ranges starting at 5 kilometers. The construction process share characteristics with deconstruction process by being very rapid and violent. The shaky experience leaves the transported victim nauseated, disoriented, severe headaches and aching bodies. It’s quite a deterrent against violence within Chimera communities.

Thick gray power-cables can be found lying about, connecting everything, in a Community. They originate from the Keeper Mainframe and Reactors. Since Chimeras simply fly over them without any hassle, they do not pay much attention to them but visitors (depending on their size, of course) can find them acting like an obstacle and restrict their free movement in a building.

--- Various Chimera things ---
Sleeping Pod – A sealed pod used for sleeping. The Chimera link up with the pod via a cable in order to enter Haven temporary to relay their experiences during the day to their Keeper.
Deconstruction Table – This is the primary way to get things in and out of Haven, as well as create more Chimera if the need arises. Anyone who agrees on becoming part of Haven will get “downloaded” via this table. It’s a fast process but it always ends in total disintegration and death. Of course, once “downloaded”, a clone made from the imprint of the person or piece of flora that was scanned. “Uploading” this process is called and usually takes plenty of time. It looks like a thin bed with minimal comfort that has a large ring float around it.
Food Dispenser – A machine capable of creating “mush”, Chimera’s favorite piece of bland edible material, and cups of water and constructing spoons and bowls. Dishes can be deconstructed in the dispenser after eating.
Reactor – The only way to power several buildings is to connect the Keeper Mainframe to a reactor. The reactor looks like a glowing cylinder that has a outer shell spinning around it. The reactor emits a lot of radiation (which Chimeras are immune to) so it is often protected in an underground facility behind radiation blocking walls.
Cable Dispenser – Cable dispensers are a common sight in Chimera buildings. A cable for Unison purposes, sleeping or just computer interactions is never far away. Deconstruction included.
Computers – Each building often have basic computers installed on each floor. They are basically a box equipped with an entry hole for cables and a hologram screen. Information contained within are often linked to maps, working schedules, things out of the ordinary that are good to know, system error messages, contact with another Chimera that is plugged in and so forth.
Plants – Chimera are fond of having potted plants inside their buildings and tend to have green enough fingers to keep them long-lasting and good-looking. Plants and pottery are “uploaded” from the Deconstruction Table.
Tool Dispenser – Tools used to perform maintenance on computers and orbs for personal use. While not technically a tool, a carrying bag is included. Deconstruction included.
Showers – A mechanical marvel that construct water at a warm temperature then proceed to deconstruct it when said water enters the “drain”, only to be constructed back again. To make sure that no water is wasted, a quick deconstruction wave is sent through the shower when the person inside is finished, removing whatever water that remain on them. Instant dryness!
Toilets - Works using the same type of construction/deconstruction technology as the showers but with an extra disintegration module which takes care of waste. Toilet kits are only used for Visitor Complexes.

--- Construction Kits ---
Houses – A Kit for creating a house. There are of course several types of houses based upon various needs. Houses tend to be of a bland white metallic color and often have wide doors on each wall that are usually left open if the weather allows it. All buildings, except Reactor complexes, got a glass roof that lets in plenty of sunlight. Most houses are generally of two stories high and each floor besides ground floor is open in the middle which lets the sunlight from the glass roof shine all through the building. Chimera traverse floors via flight but visitors can higher up by climbing ladders that are placed throughout. When the sun cannot provide enough light, Chimera buildings come equipped with faintly glowing floors and walls.
Furniture – Smaller creation kits that can create furniture like chairs, tables, sofas, beds for visitors. Metallic components are generally white, just like the houses, but cloth and cushions are of the same color and texture as the clothing Chimera normally wear.
Things – Small kits that allows for creation of various things, like Sleeping Pods and Reactors.

--- Buildings ---
Keeper Mainframe Building –A two story building. Usually it is built in two layers, with an outer layer that serves as the outer walls and an inner wall that restricts access from anyone non-Chimera by having cable locked doors and heavily reinforced walls. Visitors are not welcome inside the inner set of walls. The Keeper’s security is of outmost importance. The second floor is where Chimeras keep their Deconstruction Tables. Each table is sealed off in smaller rooms with doors.
Resting Complex – A three story building. Ground and second floor are filled with furniture and plants. Third floor is a place of rest as it is filled with plenty of Sleeping Pods for Chimeras to sleep in. The third floor also has showers for usage, but it is mostly for Chimeras rather than visitors.
Mess Hall – A single story building. This is where Chimeras and visitors usually hang around, even if they are not eating. Plenty of comfy furniture, tables, and stuff to keep everyone content.
Reactor Complex – Underground building. Often hidden from sight by being disguised as a small building with a ladder downwards, the Reactor is a building filled with radiation blocking walls and hazard filled environment caused by radiation leaks. Visitors are not welcome here.
Visitor Complex – A two story building. Ground floor is a place for rest as it is filled with plenty of furniture. Second floor is filled with small sealed off rooms, each which contain a bed, toilet and a shower. Chimeras like spending time here if there are visitors living here.

--- Community ---
The central and most important part of a Chimera community, or village if you can call it that, is the Keeper mainframe they protect. Every structure is built around it. Each day their Keeper randomizes a working schedule for the Chimeras. Duties can be complicated like computer repair or simple as taking care of the many plants throughout the buildings. If a Chimera doesn’t possess enough personal knowledge or experience to carry out the assignment it received, it can always ask for help from fellow Chimera or learn from checking computers. Not every Chimera will be on a schedule every day, so the ones that aren’t given a task will have the day to do as they please.

How they use their time varies. Most of them stay around their community, interacting with fellow Chimera or offering support to those that work. Other go wandering the nearby areas, usually in pairs, for things to bring back to “download” into Haven. There are also instances of Chimeras travelling greater distances to seek “download” candidates but they usually do not stay away for long as their sleeping problems become too much of a hassle eventually. Traveler duos tend to pack only food and a cable with them.

As mentioned before, visitors are very welcome to a Chimera community. Chimeras wouldn’t hesitate to offer bed and food to anyone who asks for it. Chimeras tend to be very curious and might overwhelm visitors with their curiosity. They, of course, not doing this to be mean or threatening, it’s just in their nature. They have no negative feelings towards any specific race that come to their community but they know some races might be a little more troublesome than others.

--- Trivia ---
Chimeras tend to hover slightly over the ground all the time because they prefer to not walk. It is not related to them being lazy but uncomfortable walking on their talons.

Chimeras that do not sleep in a pod are prone to sleep deprivation. Unconnected Chimeras are very light sleepers and have troubles falling asleep.

It is no mistaking that Chimera likes visitors but they absolutely adore children.

Being generally around 2.5 meters tall, give or take a few decimeters depending on individual, there is no doubt that Chimeras are quite tall. Despite being this tall, a Chimera prefers being at eye level with the ones it talks to. Often it accomplishes this by flying in forward leaned positions or by crouching.

As part of their flashlight mode programming, the orbs surrounding each Chimera tend to face the direction their owner is facing.
Chimera: Information
Everything I have written so far about these Chimera fellows I have been drawing lately. It is about 3500 words, give or take another 100. 
I suck at synonyms.. just a fair warning. Plenty of same words used over and over.

I do not know what I plan on using them for as I cannot really fit them in anything I have created myself.
Thought I would update my journal since it has been a while and the best way I could think of doing that is by writing about what is happening in my life at the moment.

Let me just start by saying that I feel incredibly bad. Not physically but mentally. I am down, depressed and tired. 
Most of this negativity comes from my economic situation. I am unemployed since almost 2 years back now. The money I get for being longtime unemployed is really bad too.
I can describe my situation like this; I can afford breakfast and a few liters of gas per day and break even.
This has been my "life-style" for months now and there is no signs of change.

The creative side of me has taken a severe hit from all of this too. I am incapable of drawing. In fact, the mere sight of my tablet or sketchbook makes me see red. There are feelings of absolute rage.
My head is often filled with various ideas and expansions of my stories but it is empty now. Except for one little idea that still swirls around. It taunts me greatly and I get frustrated whenever it surface and makes an appearance. 

The sad fact is that I am having an existential crisis. I lie sleepless every night for hours valuating my life and it always ends up as "wow, you suck man." Every thought is black. Thoughts of the future and past alike. All black. Everything. There is not a single light in my life at the moment. I would most likely try and consult a psychiatrist if I could afford it, it would be the third year in a row if I did, but my current situation doesn't allow it.

Also, I know that most of you watchers, if not everyone, won't bother to read this journal beyond its headline but dA and its journal are the closest things I have for something similar to Facebook. It feels like reason enough for me to use the journals to tell everyone how I feel, even if you do not care one single bit.


Simon Hansson

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